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★Shigeru K + wacca Exibitions★

November 22, 2016 @ 7:00 pm - November 27, 2016 @ 6:00 pm

Opening Reception 11/22

Gallery 1 : Shigeru K – NATURAL

Biography of Shigeru K

Shigeru K was born in Tokyo in 1959. In childhood, he saw some comics by Osamu Tezuka, and was influenced by him. He was also greatly influenced by his older brother who had an ambition to be an artist and used to draw illustrations and sketches. He was fascinated by the picture of Millet, Andrew Wyeth, Hiroshige Utagawa and Norman Rockwell. But he had no choice of making his living by becoming an artist. After he graduated from university, he got married, had his family and had worked as a teacher for 30 years. As time passed by and his children got independent and started their own lives, Shigeru made up his mind to take an early retirement for being an artist. In his world, the main characters are usually people, daily life, and natural landscapes, all of which are praise for human and nature. Happiness exists in people’s daily life and it is beautiful. People are deeply impressed with the beauty of nature. He wants to express the feeling of happiness and the great impression in his artworks. He illustrates digital pictures with simple colors and a great impact. He believes that, through his artworks, many people can share his happy world with him.
He applied for “The Gift of Chance!” (the supplement to the book “What They Don’t Teach You About Becoming an Artist in School” by Arisa Itami) in December 2014. He exhibited in Ouchi Gallery’s 10th 100 artists Exhibition “Tokyo” in June 2015, and JCAT SHOWCASE-Group Exhibition- in March 2016.

Gallery 2 : wacca – Japanese Art and Space Design

Biography of wacca


Our aim is to design something that touches people’s empathies. We believe that design creates a bond and at the same time the bond is nurtured by design, as a circle expands.

Design concept: ‘Sight Creation’

We believe that designing a sight is to discover a new joy of space.

5 design principles of HDA

1. We want to see your smile with fascination! [Design]

This is the ultimate end of us. A design that makes people happy. Space and things are for people. We want to keep making your smiles through our design.

2. We want to create a place to which you love to visit again and again! [Planning]

We want to keep making a space which everyone loves. You may feel a bit bored when you hear a word ‘functional’, we think that truly ‘functional’ things are not only useful but also touching. An example is a thing which is a bit inconvenient but still we feel it is quite cute.

3. We want to communicate in an understandable way! [Presentation]

Design must be easy and understandable to everyone.

We promise to talk in your language and in an understandable way so that you do not feel a gap between us.

4. We want to feel everything through skin! [Making]

When you feel ‘that’s fantastic!’, it is impossible to describe everything in words. Your feeling may come out of our strong concern with details, such as space, materials and lights. The important thing is a pile of experiences of feeling thorough skin and empathy among everyone.

5. We want to enjoy making! [Communication]

We believe that if we really enjoy designing and making, the product can also move people. We are always trying to keep a joyful working environment.

Syunichi Saito

Bachelor of architecture in Hosei University, Japan

Worked for the main design team in Taisei Corporation

A member of Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects/Jun Mitsui and Associates

Yoshiaki Kohno

Bachelor of architecture in Nihon University, Japan

Studied under Hiroh Maruya in A and A Central Co.


November 22, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
November 27, 2016 @ 6:00 pm
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