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Four loveable dogs from Florida became real New Yorkers today after Bideawee rescued them from Hurricane Dorian’s projected path even before it hits landfall in the U.S. Bideawee is the leading no-kill pet welfare organization serving metropolitan New York and Long Island that cultivates and supports the life-long relationships between pets and the people who love them.

Hershey and Lova Boy, both 1 year old, walked safely into Bideawee’s Manhattan headquarters today and Roscoe, 4 years old, and Sherlock, 2 years old, were sent to Bideawee’s Westhampton adoption center on the east end of Long Island. They join the Bideawee family as staff starts the search for loving forever homes for them. Bideawee expects to welcome more pets from states including Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia in the coming days. Shelters in those areas are now making room for the expected onslaught of animals who are abandoned or lost in the storm.

“Our staff has been proactive in its attempt to coordinate rescue efforts even before the hurricane has hit the mainland,” said Leslie Granger, President of Bideawee. “Not only has Bideawee spared Roscoe, Sherlock, Hershey and Lova Boy from the hurricane’s destruction, but by transporting and housing shelter animals from down south, space in affected shelters becomes available for the pets who will sadly, but inevitably, find themselves stranded and in need.”

Roscoe, Sherlock, Hershey and Lova Boy, along with all the animals in Bideawee’s care, received a bath, a medical exam and vaccinations before being placed in the shelter. Those animals who need it also get spayed or neutered.