6 thoughts on “CityViews: Letitia James’ Past Support for Tainted Ex-DA is a Concern

  1. I do not want an Attorney General that doesn’t take wrongful convictions seriously. Unfortunately, Barbara Underwood also is a Hynes loyalist. Wish James should really look in the mirror and build character. I was wrongfully convicted and definitely don’t want someone who supports such action.

  2. Mr. Hamm, As someone who has very deep ties to the Brooklyn DA’s office during those dark days of Joe Hynes and Mike Vecchione ( both thugs) and as the citizen advocate for Brooklyn Bridge Park, I can unequivocally say that Tish James is not, as you paint her, a zealot for the (yes, corrupt) Cuomo team. She is a politician who did, and does, a very good job for communities. She listens. She surrounds herself with top notch attorneys. Teachout seems smart but what has she done for her communities? She was a carpet bagger in upstate while she really lived in Ft. Greene (ran for Gillibrand’s congressional seat). But she has never gotten her hands wet working with communities or for them. Never. Unlike Tish James who has. Tish supported our efforts to protect Brooklyn Bridge Park from unnecessary housing inside that park. She was the lone politician to decry the abuse of real estate power in Atlantic Yards. She has chosen very good attorneys for her Public Advocate office. She doesn’t always win, but she is not part of a machine either. She beat Squadron, fair and square, because of his betrayal on Brooklyn Bridge Park (not because of party politics but because she was the better candidate with real experience and not the grifter that Squadron turned out to be). Teachout, rather than jumping over community engagement for her quest for power should really try to work with us for a change. She doesn’t and hasn’t. Tish James, you might also remind everyone, has no deep party ties. She won her first city council job on a third party ticket for goodness sake! That doesn’t say “corrupt allies” to me. It says “independent” and doing what she thinks will help her win statewide office, with very little in the way of money, and no big law firms or big funders to help her (unlike Teachout). It is an office she has worked for – literally and figuratively. Teachout has not and can not say she ever has.

  3. As someone who is still wrongfully convicted I dislike anyone who is willing to look the other way as Ms. James did.I really liked her because she seems involved in our issues but I would say he’ll no to her getting the democratic nomination because of what she did (endorsing Hines) in like of his horrible track record of oppressing black, Brown and white people…..

  4. I was also wrongfully convicted by disgraced district attorney Joe Hynes. Tish James was Hynes chief apologist. All the scandals and all the wrongful convictions were well publicized and in the end Tish did what was good for Tish. She backed Hynes because he gave her money from his asset forfeiture accounts. We need an attorney general who is not beholden to political bosses. We need Teachout.

  5. We are living in a new world. A bipartisan legislature led by the Black/Latino Coalition passed a law which the Gov signed creating a first in the nation independent prosecutorial conduct commission. Ms. James endorsed the Commission bill but as has been pointed out she also was an unapologetic Hynes supporter. You may vote for parks in communities but what will you do about prosecutorial corruption which places innocent people in jail for crimes they did not commit. Of course Teachout was nowhere to be found during the fight to get the Commission bill passed so that belies her anti-corruption stance. Till either of them can explain their pro-Hynes stance or explain their lack of support for the Commission bill I fear neither candidate should get the vote…

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