Gage Skidmore

Politics has a way of translating complicated things into simple terms. Sometimes that’s helpful. And sometimes it isn’t.

From climate change to an aging population, healthcare challenges to transit financing, New York State is confronted with some issues where the hope for a genuine public solution might depend on better, broader understanding of what’s happening, why it matters, and how we might respond to it.

City Limits knows its readers know that. And we know you probably know a lot more about some of the issues facing the city and the state than we do. We want your help understanding those issues, and explaining them to the broader public.

That’s why we’re asking you, our fans, to “fansplain” (not mansplain, hopefully, although men are welcome to participate) the most important and least understood issues of this election year.

Maybe there’s a topic we’re all talking about but still clueless on. Or maybe there’s something we’re not talking about but should.

You tell us which issue you want people to know more about, and why. We’ll pick the most compelling ones—and then ask for your help in producing brief videos to lay out the basics to our fellow New Yorkers.

Just fill out the form below. We’re waiting to learn from you.

Election '18: It's the voters' turn to explain the Issues

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