3 thoughts on “CityViews: Weep Over the Death of a Child in the Bronx. Then Act.

  1. Such a horrible tragedy. But can we really blame the bodega employees for not helping Lesandro? The gang would have assaulted or killed them too. How many of the gang members entered the US illegally? And what about press reports which claim that two NYPD officers stood by and didn’t help Lesandro? Were then just inept or were they on the take of the gang. Unlikely but somethings not right here.

  2. Another terrible Bronx tragedy. Many questions raised, few answers present themselves. I fear we will continue to see more of these senseless tragedies. What are the answers to this pornographic violence? The article poses many poignant questions, but our society seems helpless to actually come up with meaningful answers.

  3. Eight people on one boy a Boy. Those men are cowards Cowards. To use knives and Machete to go that low , they are animals.

    They killed an innocent child and ruined their whole lives . They are cowards for eight people to jump a 15 year old. Who does that sick demented COWARDS who have to jump in a group . They are filthy losers .

    To all you gang members to Stab , use Machetes those are Cowards. To go that far is disgusting , in humane. Someday they will have children themselves.

    How cowardly to drag that poor child to best and stab him 8 to 1 . Pure Cowards that deserve to rot in hell . They had every opportunity for o not go that far.

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