2 thoughts on “MTA Board Approves New SI Bus Routes, Talks Construction Contracts and Worker Assaults

  1. The SI express bus ($6.50 fare) network re-design took over two years. But once Byford was in charge he was willing to listen to riders and elected officials input and changes were made to the original proposal. The HOV lanes on the Verrazano and Gowanus have shortened the commute a bit. The MTA is at least trying. But that new ‘SIM’ route prefix is cumbersome, the old ‘X’ designations worked fine for over 40 years. Once the new network is operational I expect that some routes will be tweaked.

    The SI local bus network doesn’t offer much opportunity for major changes or new routes due to SI’s limited arterial road network and lack of a borough-wide street grid.

    Final SI express bus network redesign approval (pdf) – –

  2. As a rider for 30+ yrs any person in MTA management culd clearly see there is not enough buses on the line, when the bus is full of standing passengers at 5am. From this point if we stand we dont pay…easy peasy…

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