Daniel Bates on the set of 112BK.

It’d be a big job to catalog the differences among Lagos, Manila, Johannesburg, Nairobi and New York, and those distinctions are pretty important. But just as important, at least when it comes to the global question of urban livability, are the parallel threats that low-income residents in each place face. Climate change, the increasing popularity of urban living, rising population and stark income inequality mean that, as different as life is along the banks of the Lagos lagoon versus on the avenues of East Harlem, there are common threads.

Daniel Bates, the only author in City Limits’ recent ‘Global Squeeze’ series currently in the United States (and the journalist who brought the concept to us) appeared on the BRIC-TV show 112BK this week to discuss those common threads and the stories that revealed them.

Watch it below. Read the series here. And listen to one of the other authors, Linus Unah, in a radio appearance last week.