Video: Zoning 101


Abigail Savitch-Lew covered the de Blasio administration’s proposed rezonings and other housing stories for more than two years as City Limits’ staff writer before departing last week to pursue a fiction-writing project. She recently recorded this primer on zoning policy for Brian Lehrer’s CUNY-TV program, Brian Talks New York.

One thought on “Video: Zoning 101

  1. The rezoning of commercial/industrial zone to residential is welcome by the community. But the only problem with that change is that there is a lot of planning for building and no planning for what is going to happen with the businesses occupying that land. Especially the automotive businesses in the community located in that territory for decades, investing all their live savings to establish those businesses then been displaced. Why not prepare them for the transition first, for example, their employees training in the latest auto technology and for the owners, financial help and a permanent place in an Industrial Business Zone where they can remain and thrive. Is that too much to ask? Or is that you think they don’t deserve the respect.

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