8 thoughts on “The NYC Community Land Trust Movement Wants to Go Big

  1. How can a CLT remain ‘permanently’ affordable? Even it’s costs will go up over time and it will have to increase rents. CLT’s won’t do anything to curb what you call speculation. If anything a large CLT will only make the surround properties more valuable by decreasing the amount of land available on the open market.

    • What costs are you talking about? Land speculation is the driver of higher housing prices and land trusts take that increase out of the equation for the tenants. An LVT with 100% equal redistribution works even better than a land trust.

    • Your argument is hard to follow, I suspect because you’re trying to make a point using incorrect assumptions.

      CLTs separate the land from the building/development on that land, the value of each is assessed separately. If someone built a home for ownership on the land, the home can appreciate in value and the owner may build equity but pays a minimal fee to lease the land from the CLT. If/When the home is sold, the home sale is subject to the CLT covenant and value extraction is limited, and does not include the land. The next occupant enters into the same arrangement (own or rent the house, lease the land). Removing the cost of land from the building retains affordability into perpetuity.

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