Write-In Candidates and Weinstein Contributions in the News: Political Headlines for Oct. 12

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“Look, there’s no way to say that New York City’s voter turnout is anything but deplorable. It’s an enormous disappointment, not just in this election, but historically in the city of New York.”

-Former Council Speaker Christine Quinn, to WNYC

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Gov. Cuomo Still Has Weinstein Contributions


“Cuomo, a Democrat who is positioning himself for a possible presidential bid, raised $110,400 from Weinstein or his company since 1999. When revelations that Weinstein sexually harassed actresses and female employees emerged Friday, Cuomo’s campaign said it would donate $50,000 to an unspecified women’s charity. The $50,000 represents the amount that Cuomo raised during the current four-year election cycle.”

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Debate Exposes Weak Planks in Malliotakis’s Platform

Gotham Gazette

“Malliotakis, a boxer who strapped on the gloves in her first campaign ad, landed a significant number of body blows to the mayor during the debate, as she has throughout her campaign, though de Blasio has not shown signs of wobbling as of yet. Where Malliotakis has been less than impressive and was again at the debate, however, is in presenting her own ideas and policy plans for where she will take the city if elected. In that vein, several of her debate statements required follow-ups.”

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Contentious Debate in Bay Ridge Council Race

Kings County Politics

“District 43 City Council Candidates Justin Brannan (D) and John Quaglione (R) faced off last night in a Dyker Heights Civic Association (DHCA) forum, in which the floor was opened up to nearly 50 constituents to ask the candidates their thoughts on issues plaguing the community. … But before the event began, Bob Capano, the Reform line ticket holder began a round of tweets accusing the DHCA of purposely excluding him from the debate. Capano went further to blame Brooklyn’s Conservative Party for suppressing his candidacy.”

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How Do Write-In Candidates Feel About Their Votes?


“Only about 14 percent of registered Democrats voted in New York City’s September primary election. Of those who did, 343,054 voted for the incumbent, Mayor Bill de Blasio. Others chose to write in names like Michael Bloomberg, Snoop Dogg, and Minerva McGonagall, of Harry Potter fame (and fiction). Former mayoral candidate Christine Quinn, who lost a close primary race to de Blasio in 2013, earned 82 write-in votes this time around.”

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