“The campaign isn’t over.”

-District 1 City Council candidate Christopher Marte, on his run as an independent after losing to incumbent Margaret Chin in the primary
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De Blasio’s 2017 Campaign Echoes the Last One


“As he coasts toward reelection, the mayor has effectively recycled the look and feel of his 2013 campaign — using the same logo, similar TV ads, and a warmed-over version of the core issues that vaulted him to national prominence four years ago. This year, the big ideas are harder to spot. ‘It’s terrible to say it, but I don’t know if I’ve heard any,’ said Kenneth Sherrill, a professor emeritus of political science at Hunter College.”

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District 1 Council Clash Rolls On

New York Daily News

“Christopher Marte, who lost to Chin by 222 votes in the Democratic primary, says he’ll campaign aggressively against the incumbent pol in November’s general election. ‘The campaign isn’t over,’ he told the Daily News.Marte managed to score a spot on the ballot because five voters wrote in his name for the Independence line — out of a total of 21 votes cast in the all write in contest. Four people wrote in Chin’s name.”

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Is Bedford Armory Development Dead?

Gotham Gazette

“[W]ith any land use redevelopment, the administration must balance the resources at its disposal to achieve maximum effect, and in this case, making the project more palatable to community members calling it a harbinger of gentrification would likely mean making it less profitable for the developer and more costly for the city. As the clock ticks on negotiations and a series of essential decisions dictated by the city’s land use review process, it is unclear what steps the de Blasio administration might take to make a deal happen, advance a key project, and avoid a potentially significant political defeat.

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Polls Show Broad Safety Worries in Bronx Schools

The New York Post

“Urban Assembly for Wildlife Conservation, where Abel Cedeno fatally stabbed Matthew McCree last week, had a staggering 92 percent rate of teachers reporting bullying as well as 89 percent of students. But an analysis of dozens of other schools in the same district, at all grade levels, revealed similarly alarming assessments. At Frederick Douglass Academy V Middle School, 100 percent of polled teachers reported bullying some or most of the time. At the School of Performing Arts Middle School — one of Mayor de Blasio’s Renewal school projects — 82 percent of teachers reported bullying.”

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A Broad Look at de Blasio’s Policing Record

Spectrum News/NY1

Four years ago, political rivals warned that de Blasio would bring New York back to the bad old days when crime was rampant. Instead, it has remained at record-low levels overall on his watch.