Malliotakis Gets Public Funds, Homeless Families Get Bus Tickets: Campaign Headlines for Sept. 29

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“They said they have some apartments, so I was like, ‘All right, I’ll go see them.’ It beats being in a shelter. You get your life back a little bit.”

-Gregory Arrington, a homeless man interviewed by WNYC as he waited in front of the Department of Homeless Services for a van to take his family to Newark under a new city program.

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Mayor’s Commissioners Tout Enviro Record

City & State

“While recent storms like Hurricane Maria are devastating, they may ultimately have a positive effect on policy, [Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn] Garcia said, because they’re so visible. ‘I think that when you start to see local impacts on your community,’ she said, ‘you start to have the buy-in from folks who say, “Yes, we do need to strengthen our defenses against this, we do need to make investments in infrastructure. We all do have a role to help ensure that we don’t end up with these actually getting even worse down the road.”‘”

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Malliotakis Campaign Gets Injection of Public Funding

Politico NY

“The dispensation was the first matching-funds payment granted to Malliotakis’ campaign. The board approved $253,015 in donations that qualified for the match, just over the $250,000 threshold needed to trigger payments in the public matching funds program. Malliotakis has criticized the program in the past, but opted to participate as she struggles to keep pace with the millions raised by Mayor Bill de Blasio. De Blasio was granted an additional $86,478 at the meeting, adding to the more than $2.8 million in total he received during the Democratic primary.”

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An Exit Interview With Julissa Ferreras-Copeland

Gotham Gazette

“City Council Member Julissa Ferreras-Copeland, who has chaired the powerful finance committee and is leaving the City Council at the end of the year. Ferreras-Copeland could have run for one more term, and was seen as a leading contender to become the next City Council Speaker, but decided not to seek reelection this year. She explains why on the podcast, part of a wide-ranging discussion about politics, the city budget process, and much more.”

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City Sending Homeless Out of Town


“Faced with stubbornly high levels of homelessness in an election year, the de Blasio administration is now offering to pay 12 months of rent upfront for homeless families who find an apartment in or outside the city. The city recently introduced the program, and this week the Department of Homeless Services sent an email to shelter providers, which listed 17 apartments they found in Newark and wanted to show to homeless families.”

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De Blasio Shows Little Urgency in Avowed Push for Police Transparency

The New York Times

“Deficits of personality and habit are trivial only when they do not affect an ability to govern, but compartmentalization is not something Mr. de Blasio has mastered. His often ornery reluctance to engage when he does not want to and the ease with which he alienates people have hampered his ability to make changes that initially appeared to be central to his mission.”

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