Female Judges, Black Detectives and a Republican for Comptroller: Headlines for Sept. 22

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“It’s upsetting that someone would challenge a competent, qualified, sitting judge — someone who had a good reputation on the bench. Are you trying to make people hire consultants? What is the point of primarying someone like that?”

-former City Council Member Lew Fidler on the Brooklyn judicial races

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Federal Panel Says Black Detectives Faced Discrimination

The New York Times
“The frustration was not uncommon among scores of detectives in the Intelligence Division, and hundreds of others in the nation’s largest police force. In interviews, current and retired detectives said a patronage system of promotions had bumped detectives based more on connections to powerful bosses, and less on their work, fueling bitterness and accusations of nepotism.”

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Female Candidates Sweep Brooklyn Judicial Races

Gotham Gazette

“With 12 candidates vying for six civil court seats, Brooklynites nominated only women to the bench and no men, paying little attention to slates, endorsements, experience, or judicial screening panel approvals. Ignoring a bitter feud playing out between the Kings County Democratic Committee and a political operative running his own insurgent slate, voters chose a combination of women from both slates as well as a female judge running independently. The trend did not go unnoticed and it has some speculating that in low-turnout elections, uninformed voters simply chose women because they may believe them to be more trustworthy and suited for judgeships.”

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Yes, Viriginia, There is a Contest for City Comptroller


Errol Louis sits down with Republican Michel Faulkner, who is trying to unseat City Comptroller Scott Stringer this November.

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