Citizen Views: Why I’m Voting for Amanda Farias for City Council

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Farias for Council

Council District 18 candidate Amanda Farias.

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As part of its coverage of Campaign 2017, City Limits invites citizen supporters of candidates on the September 12 primary ballot to submit op-eds explaining their choice. Submit them here.
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As our local elections approached, I was very eager to learn more about the city council candidates for district 18, where I live. Not many of my neighbors are informed that local elections are the most critical, and electing the right person into office has an impact on local policy that directly affects our daily lives. I was relieved to learn about a viable candidate whom shares the same values, Amanda Farias. After doing some more candidate research on her website:, I knew that Amanda was the best candidate to represent my district. Not only was she able to articulate the issues in our community, but she provided concrete solutions and more importantly professional experience at the New York City Council level.

I felt obligated to support another young women willing to take a stand to challenge the status quo in the Bronx on a people’s platform. I loved that Amanda wants to empower people to become active agents for change in their community through civic engagement and advocacy. Which led me to volunteer and canvass for her campaign. Amanda was exactly the person I imagined in person, compassionate, showed integrity, committed, smart, willing to listen to the very people she wants to serve.

I encourage all my community members to vote on primary day, September 12th for Amanda Farias and to use their individual/collective power at the voting booth for a real opportunity towards equity in the Bronx. The time is now to reform local politics/gov’t and elect Amanda Farias, that would shift the power back to the people, and let the community lead.

Darlene Jackson is a CD 18 native.

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