One thought on “Max & Murphy: Top Strategists Break Down the Race for Mayor

  1. This debate while interesting to political insiders is largely symbolic. Mayor de Blasio and all the city-wide candidate incumbents will be re-elected. The more probing question is how the Democratic regulars have elections locked up in the city with the assistance of de Blasio supporters like NY1 and Brian Lehrer NYC giving the mayor a weekly segment which amounted to political advertising for the incumbent. The fear of Trump, the control of democratic political machines, the inadequate campaign finance, and the mainstream media as accomplices has led us to this point. Even folks like Max from Gotham Gazette only goes to establishment liberal mainstream radio and television while pretending to advocate for reform. The straphangers advocates have been silent parroting the Governor and Mayor while the subway system falls apart. When all is said and done “a people get the government they deserve” and as such if you are happy with what we have begin the celebrations today, if you aren’t then lament that NYC has no oppositional party frameworks. Perhaps a case for a Constitutional Convention?

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