MTA Rescue, Disaster Plans and More: Campaign Newswire for July 26

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“I will do everything I can to convince him that this is the right thing to do for the people of the City of New York.”
MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota, referring to his request to Mayor de Blasio that New York City split the costs of transit upgrades with the state

MTA Rescue Plan: New Ideas, More Money
The New York Times
Seat-free subway cars on crowded routes. Extra cars added to trains on the C line. Medical workers deployed at stations to quickly remove sick passengers. More countdown clocks. These were some of the pieces of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s long-anticipated, roughly $800 million emergency rescue plan for New York City’s troubled subway system, which was announced on Tuesday.

Warnings on City’s Disaster Readiness as Sandy Anniversary Approaches
Gotham Gazette
As the city approaches the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, which ravaged the eastern seaboard and wrecked homes and businesses in New York’s coastal communities, a new report says there is more work to be done to prepare for the next storm. Former HUD regional administrator for New York and New Jersey Holly Leicht, who oversaw the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s $15.2 billion Superstorm Sandy recovery program, presented a report last week with 41 recommendations for how the government at the federal, state and local levels could better approach natural disaster preparedness and recovery.

Challenger to Eugene Emphasizes Housing Issues
Kings County Politics
Jennifer Berkley is one of three Democratic challengers to City Council Member Mathieu Eugene in the District 40 primary covering Flatbush, Prospect Lefferts Gardens , East Flatbush and Ditmas Park. She says among the things she likes best about the neighborhood are the people, the history, and the homes themselves, from “older Victorian homes” to “prewar apartment buildings.” But Berkley warns that the long-standing population of the district is at risk of displacement. She says that over 25 percent of rent-regulated units in the district have been lost in recent years.

Five Insiders to Pick Replacement for Disgraced Councilman on Ballot
Before his guilty verdict, City Councilmember Ruben Wills was backed by the Queens County Democratic organization — and had submit petitions for the primary ballot. Those petitions include a cover sheet which required Wills to name a committee to fill vacancies. His committee includes the county leader Congressman Joseph Crowley and four other officials who are expected to select a candidate to replace Wills on the primary ballot.

State Dems Gain Momentum Against IDC
Increasingly restive progressives on the New York Democratic State Committee have successfully pushed through a resolution calling for the reunification of the party’s divided delegation in the State Senate. For years, the party’s Progressive Caucus has offered resolutions denouncing the Senate’s Independent Democratic Conference. … But Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who effectively controls the Democratic State Committee, has resisted their calls and arguably benefited because the IDC’s moderate politics align with his own.

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