3 thoughts on “CityViews: Trump’s Budget Cuts to HUD are a Homelessness Plan, not a Housing Plan

  1. Thank you for your article, for the information and inspiring steps of action your organization is taking. I live in michigan, and have a section 8 voucher, and until I found your article I’d been unable to find anything on people taking steps to fight proposed housing budget changes. Can you publish more information on agencies people can get in touch with to fight proposed housing cuts? Again, thank you.

  2. If the New York Housing Authority had been operated with integrity and financial responsibility all of these decades, I would feel more empthy towards this issue. But alas it has not. In fact it one of the most mismanaged and corrupt agencies in entire state.

    Billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars have been given to the NYC Housing Authority and millions of it ends up in the pockets of union bosses, corrupt political hacks, housing authority personal and their friends, the corruption goes on and on.

    The NYC Housing Authority is responsible for the complete failure of its staff to keep their properties functioning, I have seen some of these bozos they call “maintenance staff” They don’t know what a screw driver is let alone how to use one.

    The city and the NYC Housing Authority has for decades had its collective heads in the sand, I guess believing that things would just go along as they always do and they the money from DC would just keep pouring in, well now we have a President and Congress saying enough is enough.

    I don’t think Trump will get his 8 billion dollar cut but I bet he will get something between 3 to 5 billion. Whatever it is, it will be alot and people need to prepare for that, they should have been preparing long ago, they should have moved on long ago. There are people who have been in these projects for decades, they have utilized hundreds of thousands of dollars a piece over those decades in housing subsidies and they want more!

    The reality is that DC has wanted out of the housing business for decades, ever since good ole Ronnie R and budgets have been cut almost every year since 1980. Even during the Clinton and Obama years the budget was cut, it was cut again this year. As much as NYC likes to consider itself the center of the universe, other major cities have already had to do what NYC will be doing soon, rescinding vouchers already in use. Dallas and Houston have already rescinded over 1,500 vouchers, so this is not just a NYC problem.

    What will probably happen is that seniors, the disabled and vets will be spared, but able bodied working people with or without kids will be on the chopping block, I suspect the people who have been on the dole the longest will be the first one’s cut, and the will be at the discretion of the NYC Housing Authority, DC will leave the street level dirty work to them.

    A lot of people are going to have some hard choices to make, I would be making a plan now! so you know what you are going to do if they take your voucher, don’t wait and foolishly think it won’t happen to you, make a plan and then hope.

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