One thought on “Calls for Stricter Review of Proposed Waterfront Skyscrapers

  1. “I am shocked by the proposal of these out-of-scale developments,” Councilmember Margaret Chin testified, noting, “these developments would add thousands of new residents.” “We asked for a full ULURP process to ensure all voices are heard, but the Department of City Planning said no.”

    Why ask for ULURP when Chin can (1) fully support the Chinatown Working Group rezoning plan without dividing Chinatown from Lower East Side, (2) call on de Blasio to pass the entire plan, and (3) rally the Chinese, Latino and Black bloodsucking big business owners and landlords (which Chin has connections with and which she herself is one) to back the CWG plan?

    Last year, an article came out from Politico on December 20, titled “City Council members explain early endorsement of de Blasio,” the first thing the article mentioned was that De Blasio was facing state and federal investigation into his political fundraising operation. Before Preet Bharara was fired by Donald Trump and the investigations on De Blasio being dropped, De Blasio came out with a list of endorsements from 7 city council members. This included: Margaret Chin, Brad Lander, Stephen Levin, Donovan Richards, Ydanis Rodriguez, Helen Rosenthal and Ritchie Torres. Chin, Lander, Levin, Richards and Rodriguez all backed De Blasio in 2013, and they are backing him again. (see the article here: 1/4)

    De Blasio has refused to pass the CWG plan. If the CWG plan was passed, it would have blocked the waterfront developments. Chin supports De Blasio who supports all these luxury LES waterfront developments, but she is now calling on Department of City Planning for a full ULURP and wait a while to hear the “community voices”. She wants the city to wait to hear community voices but couldn’t wait to endorse De Blasio? Let’s be clear: Chin did not wait and endorsed a mayor who was being investigated. I want to ask Margaret Chin: Do you want luxury tall buildings on waterfront or not? Do you want a mayor who will support these tall buildings or not?

    If you do want luxury tall buildings and if you do want a mayor who are all-in for developers, then you should be honest in your words, state what your interests are, and state who you are truly representing. People see through your lies. You go around telling people “community voices” should be heard, but turn around and endorse a for-developers mayor? A mayor who is directly tied to L+M who is building on SPURA and the LES Waterfront? Who is directly tied to privatization of public assets?

    What community voices? Landlords form a community. Big businesses form a community. Your non-for-profit Chinese and Latino poverty pimps form a community. But all of them are backing De Blasio and backing developers. To wait a month or two and to only to hear from them? You are saying that, it is okay for LES/Chinatown Chinese, Latinos and Blacks to be discriminated against and displaced, as long as, we know that we are being displaced and discriminated against.

    Stop pretending – “I am shocked by the proposal of these out-of-scale developments”
    You wanted it and you knew they were coming for years. Why is this shocking? You mean you are shocked because your friend Shelly is about to be in jail and all these developers are still able to build? Or you are shocked that you are not getting a slice of the pie? How can the developers build without you and the Chinese and Latino landlords?

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