Video: Highlights from the Far Rockaway Rezoning Hearing

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Marc Bussanich

EDC's Eleni Bourinaris responds to a board member's question about why the city wants to put housing in Far Rockaway.

Queens Community Board 14 voted on Wednesday night to approve with conditions the city’s proposed rezoning of downtown Far Rockaway by a vote of 26 to 2.

The vote followed a public hearing in which 10 people voiced concerns about an influx of apartments (more than 3,000 in the original proposal), the plan’s lack of a new school or new hospital to accommodate that increased population, and the difficulty of creating a safe evacuation plan for so many people in the event of another hurricane.

But another 11 people voiced support of the rezoning, with many repeating the comment that downtown Far Rockaway is currently an “eye-sore” long overdue for change.

You can watch video of the full hearing here, but below are three key exchanges:

EDC responds to a question about housing

An exchange of views on the merits of the plan

Storm safety and stores’ survival

One thought on “Video: Highlights from the Far Rockaway Rezoning Hearing

  1. A message sent to us by Craig Thompson:

    I am the manager of Platinum Plus Barbershop and Hair Salon at 1916 Mott Ave in the downtown Far Rockaway. Platinum is one of the 18 business mentioned as part of this first stage of store fronts upgrade (compliments keep poring in everyday on our face lift). We want to thank councilman Donovan Richards and his staff, ZoneInNYC, RDRC, CB 14 and all involved to make this long awaited upgrade this community need. After doing business in the same location for over 27 years this is well overdue to the generations who have been waiting and to those who will become a productive and economical contributors in the future. As was poled at this meeting by show of hand of residents, most persons did not do their shopping or business in the downtown area and that has to change. Those dollars should be circulating right here in Far Rockaway. I happen to believe that these upgrades will encourage good residents to remain in the community and in turn strengthen it overall. Once again thanks to all who supported this effort.

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