Chris Hamby

The issue of how to preserve industrial space amid the ambition to create more housing is a big topic in Gowanus, one of the neighborhoods slated for a rezoning.

Living in this concrete Jungle is no joke…those who smoke; believe nicotine is keeping calm…
But they are wrong… Everyone is sick of being ill…searching to and fro for the freedom pill.

Cost of living rising…rezoning and dividing people from their comfort zone. People get angry!!
And are prone to discontent; watching the embellishment…the large MOUNT of the rich Trump Towers moving in and wiping us out! This is certainly what it is all about.

The Low-Income poor; are sure we are valued to nothing. However, the Most High Power has given us much more than something…we have talents, we have vision, we have taken a positive course. Let us make progress by raising our voice! We are not
in a position to slumber…

Positive results are made in numbers. We must demand those who are oppose; to assist in…
Preventing the throes of oppression…the people want to abolish pandemic depression.

It is a responsibility to look towards the betterment of all, living in the neighborhood, that we may live peaceably and fairly as we should…and it is only fair for the “Small Businessman” to receive a helping hand…Let him stay! What more can we say..? Can there be another way to persuade the “Powers” behind the system, to make them listen…if they would?

Just listen closely to the cries of everyone, surviving in the neighborhood.

Ijaaza EL-Nuwaubun is a poet who lives in Gowanus.