3 thoughts on “Ben Carson Might Slash its Budget, but Some see Public Housing as a Work of Art

  1. The art within public housing in its exterior and some interior spaces too are a true treasure and legacy. Hopefully, each representation can be preserved, restored and saved. The art began at the very outset of public housing in the 1930’s To do this will require funding. Government funding is always a challenge to obtain but not impossible. Unfortunately, it’s not consistent.

    In my opinion, NYCHA, City of New York should help form a non-profit in the same model of a conservancy like the Central Park or Battery Park Conservancy.

    Private donors, foundations, organizations and individuals can be sources of revenue to get the non-profit going and sustained. Also major arts institutions should contribute in the spirit of being socially responsible. That could take the form of providing restoration, research and archival services in addition to or in lieu of funding.

    Save the art in public housing.

    Thank you,
    Bill Russo
    Retired NYCHA
    Tel. 347-933-3337

  2. Nyc ha has beautiful history but
    It’s time for the residents to take
    Back our development s build our
    Capital find true solutions the
    Mayor says he’s bldg 90 shelters
    For the homeless u wanna be a
    Part of that category this is
    What it will be if we don’t start
    Taking action and accountability
    For our own development s

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