2 thoughts on “Despite Shaky Testimony, Bronx Man Serving Life for ’95 Murder

  1. My name is Mark Sanchez and I as well grew up with Carl he actually lived right across from me in a split tenement building devided by a court yard since he moved to Hunts Point ave he spend endless nights over my house and I visited his house we were young and carefree Carl is considered Family to me and I love him dearly I as well know all thee other parties involved in this crime Carl was convicted of and know in my heart that Carl is innocent of this Crime Carl is a great person and has a great heart he was the fall guy for this crime and there is a huge injustice taking place that really needs to be looked at and reconsidered

    • Carl is a very humble person, who couldn’t hurt a fly. Him being in prison for a crime he clearly did not commit is wrong. There’s NO JUSTICE for this man. The people who were on this case ALL have their FREEDOM except Carl. So UNFAIR. The system is UNFAIR They threaten to put Carl in prison for not testifying against his friends. The SAME friends testified against him , and put him in PRISON. Such a sad situation. JUSTICE for CARL VAN PUTTEN

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