What Kills NYers: Mapping Leading Causes of Death



A little historical perspective, courtesy of the city's annual Summary of Vital Statistics.

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This is a sidebar to Death’s Disparities, a series about the growing gap in life expectancy between rich and poor New York.
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New York City collects detailed statistics on health in the city and reports them via the annual Summary of Vital Statistics (available for every year back to 1961) and the Epiquery search tool.The maps below were derived from data reported via the latter. Age-adjusted death rates are the handiest basis for comparison across neighborhoods because they control for population size and the relative age of the population, which differ from one community district to another. However, when sample sizes are small, the city doesn’t calculate age-adjusted death rates (or even regular death rates) for some causes of death in some districts. In those cases, the maps below are based on the best available comparative number.

The maps below don’t reflect all the leading causes of death in the city (which were, in order in 2014, heart disease, cancer, influenza and pneumonia, chronic lower respiratory diseases, diabetes, stroke, accidents, kidney disease, drug overdose and Alzheimer’s disease). Some of them kill relatively few people but reflect direct social threats to health that our reporting found were essential to understanding health disparities in the city.

To see larger versions of any map, just click on the title.

Heart Disease: Age-adjusted Death Rate, 2014

Cancer: Age-adjusted Death Rate, 2014

Influenza and Pneumonia: Death Rate, 2014

Diabetes: Death Rate, 2014

Accidents: Death Rate, 2014

Viral hepatitis: Number of Deaths, 2014

Suicide: Number of Deaths, 2014

HIV: Number of Deaths, 2014

Drug overdoses: Number of Deaths, 2014

Homicide: Number of Deaths, 2014

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