East Harlem Rezoning Draft Scope of Work (Old Version)


Note: This version of the draft scope was replaced with this one on November 15. The Department of City Planning explained the change with this statement posted to its website:

“The original East Harlem Draft Scope of Work posted on November 10, 2016 included an incorrect assumption: that 500 or more residents could be displaced as a result of the proposed rezoning. We do not anticipate that 500 residents will be directly displaced as a result of the proposal. The original Draft Scope of Work erroneously assumed that an existing residential development could be demolished and redeveloped as a result of being rezoned. This lead to the incorrect conclusion that residential tenants could be displaced. In fact, the residential development is actually located outside of the boundaries of the proposed rezoning area and would be unaffected by the rezoning. Thus, the figure of 500 residents (a threshold established for determining if an environmental impact analysis is needed) would not be exceeded. We regret the error in the original Draft Scope of Work and hope that this helps to clear up the question of direct displacement in this proposal. The Draft Scope of Work was corrected and reposted on November 15, 2016.”

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