Scene at a Department of City Planning community engagement session in the Jerome Avenue area.


Scene at a Department of City Planning community engagement session in the Jerome Avenue area.

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8 thoughts on “Mark Your Calendar: Upcoming Events on the de Blasio Rezonings

  1. Nice that Lander is holding a hearing on the Gowanus project to get the public’s opinions. It would have been nicer if Lander showed the same consideration and held meetings throughout NYC before he forced his nickel shopping bag fee through the city council. If Lander had given the voters this courtesy,
    then the councilman would have realized that 99.9% of this city is against this fee, which is really a regressive tax on the poor and middle class. With so called Democratic Progressives like Lander, DeBlasio, Schumer, I have decided that we all need change in this country which is why I am going to vote for Trump. This young black male had been taken in for the past twenty years by the all talk but no action of the Democratic party and feels what do we have to lose by electing Trump. I recall that when Trump bought 40 Wall Street about 18 years ago, he set aside part of the building to rent out to black and Hispanic owned firms at a discount. Trump got my vote, those Democrats don’t anymore.

      • Brad Lander has been a radical annoyance since he succeeded DeBlasio in the city council. Lander, who is not a native of NY – he’s from Missouri, doesn’t understand that New Yorkers don’t drive hear and there to stores; rather, we walk. We go shopping on our way home from work – from our subway or bus stops and carry a bag or two each time. We all can’t afford the cost of our own car, something that doesn’t matter to the well-off Lander, who between his and his wife’s paychecks, are in the top 1%. To all of a sudden be charged nickels all the time is, as Lander referred to, an “irritant.” Lander and his fellow councilpeople are not rational if they expect all to carry our own shopping bags around. Obviously, Lander never held down a real job, a 9 – 5 one, (similar to his mentors DeBlasio & Schumer) in his life, or at least not in NY – Lander never commuted from his luxury apartment in Park Slope to an office job in Manhattan where he had to work a full time job with normal business hours. If Lander did, then he would understand the ramifications of his stupidity by forcing us New Yorkers to pay nickels daily for bags.

        Even after last night’s debate, this young college educated black man, will still be voting for Trump as just like Donald Trump has said, what do we black men have to lose? All Hillary and Democrats like Lander do is to come around just for our votes and disappear until the next election. Trump for President! Hillary for prison – heck, if a black man or black woman did what Hillary did, they would be in jail.

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