2 thoughts on “NYPD Critics Hope to Reassert Oversight Power with ‘Right to Record’ Proposal

  1. How doe that jibe with the Housing Court decision last year to prevent landlords from recording repairs within apartments without tenant consent?

    I have had tenants hit me and Don B Lee’s sister came downstairs with a woman who tried to hit my mother in the forehead repeatedly and we have it on film and we told his sister that we were recording and they didn’t care until I explained that her presence with this woman showed a connection to the assailant and she immediately put her hand on the woman who stopped wordlessly and they both turned and walked towards Canal Street perfectly calm.

    You can’t have rules that contradict one another depending on who would be protected by the camera.

    If they get this law passed – right to record already exists – then they should wipe the housing court ruling. We can’t protect ourselves even when we film everything and now that express law endangers us when we are inside a tenant’s apartment including the unit used by the family of my father’s murderers who were all members of Chinese organized crime – KMT triad – including Chan Wing Lok who gave the apartment as his post prison address to his FBI handler who came to the building to tell my mother that she was “renting to your husband’s murderer” as if she had any say in the matter.

    We need right to record to not exclude anyone from that right including landlords – it’ not fair to take that away from us. Even if it means it slightly inconveniences cronies like Don B Lee because 5C is such a hovel.

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