3 thoughts on “City’s Staten Island Rezoning Targets Contested Territory

  1. For some reason, Victory Blvd. from Cebra Ave. down to Bay St. has fully occupied storefronts. If one did a comparison of occupancy rates in 2005-2015, it would show increasing growth. For some reason, Bay St. Corridor did not follow the growth trend. As a 60+ lifelong resident of Staten Island in this area of Tompkinsville/Stapleton, I believe the failure of Bay St. seems to lie in the higher rents asked. Speculators bought up properties when the Navy planned a Homeport. Rents skyrocketed with the promise of Naval money. That initiative failed, leaving specuators crying “we need critical mass” and the ridiculous term “Downtown Staten Island” was coined. I find it ironic that the North Shore, previously redlined in the’60’s and ’70’s and concerned citizens complaining of the oversaturation of city agencies (largely placed within a quarter of a mile of Bay and Victory) is now a hotspot for development.

  2. Bay Street is just such a dump. The new upscale developments my help but they have retail included, giving the new residents fewer reasons to visit Bay Street. The proposed ‘affordable’ housing may help but I suspect it will end up like the city housing projects in only a few years.

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