City Limits Crowns UrbaNerd Trivia Champion

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Trivia champ Jordan Ausländer chats with City Limits' Murphy.

Fran Reilly

Trivia champ Jordan Ausländer chats with City Limits' Murphy.

There are some people who don’t know that Todt Hill is the highest natural point in New York City, who have no idea what subway station the famous car chase in the French Connection ended at, who walk our streets not knowing that 1907 was the peak year for immigration through Ellis Island.

But those are not the kind of people who dared to compete in City Limits’ UrbaNerd Trivia Championship on Tuesday night at the incredibly friendly Blue Haven bar on West Houston Street.

Rising to the challenge posed by special guest questioner Michael Miscione (the official Manhattan borough historian) and your correspondent, Jordan Ausländer eked out a narrow victory with 39 points out of a possible 50. Ausländer won the admiration of his fellow contestants and a sweet DSNY t-shirt from the CityStore.

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