6 thoughts on “No Backspace: Yes, New York Can Shut Down Indian Point!

  1. Nuclear energy is clean energy, shutting down a nuclear power plant will increase fossil fuel use and pollution while hurting the economy.

  2. Any discussion of tsunami-forced meltdowns should include an estimate of the direct casualties in New York City should such a tsunami come through. Because if you want to talk about theoretical accidents, you’re going to have to include all the ones that are higher-probability than any significant contamination from Indian Point.

  3. Shut it down. It’s old and dangerous. every year it runs creates 50 tons of million years spent fuel rods wastes and 4 M tons of mining wastes. Lot of CO2 is emitted mining that ore too. Replacing it with solar and wind would save money, and eliminate the risk of a deadly multi trillion dollar nuclear disaster. The IAEA also predict a shortage of uranium in just ten years. There is plenty of reserve capacity in the grid to handle the shutdown in the meantime.

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