4 thoughts on “Can De Blasio Save Brooklyn Manufacturing?

  1. Juniors makes their cheesecake in NJ now, Streit Matzoh closed down, Sweet n Low closing and NYCEDC, ESDC, Mayors office ignore for years these businesses until its too late. How did NOBODY at NYCEDC or ESDC try and help the matzoh factory find another location in the State of NY?

  2. Real manufacturing is dead in New York and the entire Northeast for that matter. The southern states have huge manufacturing plants like Hyundai’s massive $1B facility in Montgomery, Alabama. That’s a real plant making real products not nik-naks for hipsters. Huge facility with interstate highway and CSX rail freight connections to all of North America.

  3. I had no idea the city held 530,000 industrial jobs. not even by half. I suppose it depends on how “industrial” is defined.

  4. Btw, what many businesses want in the city is cutting red tape to gets things started and done quickly and efficiently so that they can mainly focus on their business. that’s actually their biggest bitch.

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