Long Island City

Long Island City

Mayor de Blasio’s housing plan is moving forward on a few levels. There are the citywide Mandatory Inclusionary Housing and Zoning for Quality and Affordability proposals now being considered by the City Council. There are the individual site projects that the Department of Housing Preservation and Development always has underway. In between are the neighborhood level plans, which the mayor has pitched as a way to comprehensively improve 15 areas of the city through rezoning for more density and new infrastructure and amenities.

Only eight of those 15 areas are currently known, and in only one of those eight (East New York) has the city actually put forward a formal rezoning plan. But interesting ideas and conflicting proposals are emerging every week from the administration, community boards, local organizations, borough presidents and others.

Click on the purple pins to learn more about each plan. If you feel we’re missing anything, please email us immediately.

The De Blasio Neighborhood Plans

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