A year from now, this will all be over. The reflections on President Obama’s eight years in office will be piling up on your coffee table or in your inbox. All but a few of the many people now running for the White House will already have begun fading into obscurity. And as the president-elect nominates his or her picks for secretary of this and director of that, you might for a brief moment actually think about the U.S. Department of Commerce.

In other words, there will be plenty of time next December 15 to go Christmas shopping or vacuum behind the radiators or whatever is you might do this coming Tuesday besides watch the Republican presidential debate.

City Limits will hold a debate-watching party from 8 to 10 p.m. at the Bronx Beer Hall inside the Arthur Avenue Retail Market at 2344 Arthur Avenue in Belmont. We’re teaming up with the Bronx Republican organization to promote the event, which follows the Democratic debate-watching party we sponsored in October.

The debate itself begins at 9 but we’ll start the evening with some trivia and an attempt to match each of the GOP front-runners to a beer cocktail.

For Republicans, the motivation to watch should be obvious. For Democrats, this is a chance to size up the opposition. Perhaps you’re a non-partisan political junkie? With the polls favoring Donald Trump but insiders saying Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio is the likely nominee, this appears to be anybody’s game, which makes for great TV. If you’re visiting from a foreign country or planet, this might convince you to pack up and ramble on.

Who knows? In any case, be there on Tuesday night.

3 thoughts on “There is No Excuse Not to Watch the Republican Debate With Us

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