One thought on “Stuy-Town Deal’s Affordable Housing is Barely So

  1. This is an outrage. This property was built as affordable housing to accommodate those who work for a living everyday and keep this city going. The rents are prohibitive and the new landlord Blackstone and their various partners care nothing about the tenants. This is not a luxury property. it is a standard property there is no doorman or other services that “luxury” properties offer. This is a buzzer system building which the landlord applied for MCI increase of about $50 per month in addition to all the tax benefits and the land from taxpayers through the City that this property owner benefits from. This is disgraceful. We need to speak out. This is no more than welfare to large corporations on the backs of the working class who work day and night to provide for their families and their children future. This is shameful but these people who run these corporations have no shame.

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