Why People Love Trump (Not the Hillary Clinton Version)

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Donald Trump

Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump

If you had a conversation about politics this weekend, chances are it involved Donald Trump. And more likely than not it involved some variation on the question: “What do people see in this guy?”

The Donald isn’t generating as much buzz as he was last month, but he’s still polling well. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, Trump received ample praise from Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live. If scrutiny is the best sign of relevance, the Wayne Barrett material that came out today is yet another indication that Trump must be taken seriously.

Trump still might fade well before the first caucus or primary votes are cast and become the 2016 version of 2012’s Herman Cain, Rick Santorum or Michelle Bachmann. But the people who are now supporting him won’t disappear. And since their sentiments will shape America’s politics for some time, it’s important to understand just what they’re about.

So City Limits sent video reporter Marc Bussanich out to have a thoughtful heart-to-heart with one of Trump’s loyalists, New Yorker Chris Fischer.

How could a reasonable person support Donald Trump, you ask? Here’s your answer:

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