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Bilder från BSPC 18 i Nyborg 2009-08-31 2009-09-01

Johannes Jansson/

“Irish, Italians, Jews and Hispanics
Religious nuts, political fanatics in the stew
Happily not like me and you.”
“New York,” U2

New York has two airports, five boroughs, six major-league sports teams and 8 million people. But no one’s been able to count how many opinions there are; most of us have several. City Limits wants to showcase more of them on our site.

If you get riled up about the news you read (or don’t read), have something interesting to say about the city, like to write and aren’t insane, we’d love to get your voice on our site. Send a 300-word post on a city news topic you like and a brief bio here.

Wit will win over snark, insight over speculation, controlled anger over flowing rage. Making us think in a new way is better than making us feel better about our pre-conceived notions.

Tell us what’s on your mind. There are 16 million ears waiting to hear it.

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