One thought on “Tenants Report Threats and Unsafe Conditions Next Door to a ‘Million Dollar Listing’

  1. The problem that artist and students are facing in terms of rent stabilized housing is that their living situation is vital. Our doctors and budget fit life goals which are planned prior to criminal intrusion and mafia style intimidation to get tenants out with an offer you can’t refuse. We live at 5 Spring street in Little Italy. We have been battling an unbelievable stressor. Wealthy connected in politics and contributions to local officials can put the tenant at risk with little support or media support. My Husband Thomas Lombardi is disabled. He has been in his apt bothering no one on this earth. Yet suddenly as a homebound tenant he is forced into navigating a corrupt property management issue. He has no stove and there is a hazardous environ. He was forced to sign a stip saying he would never call the police. Now 3 years later he is forced back into court and social media very high level network is blocking his searches for help! He gets threats of getting stabbed online and it extends all the way to my Uncle. He gets threats that he will be knocked off in the subway or at the gym. Gangs are hired happily with little disposable income and the police do not handle housing issues. Since everyone else in my building is afraid or are new tenants? I feel very alone. We hope no one gets hurt. We just want our home. We had Neo Nazi groups from Europe for a fee no doubt make our lives miserable. Burrow into ID theft and abusing my husbands social security resources. As if to say you pay low rent how your the abuse whipping post of marginalized characters from War Zones in the Balkans. These war like kids have weapons and are incredibly greedy. We put up with it for 3 years but we want our Stove damn it and no gas explosions or death threats. Our personal Pc’s got hacked and these war zone P.T.S.D kids actually did stalking of my niece Grace Rolek and my sister all the way in Utah. One threat said we can murder her and collect her check. You better move out. I have a beautiful niece and jealousy and envy have due to our low rent created a horror story with kids whom feel entitled. Paid for by property management special funds to scare tenants out. Unbelievable? yeah it sure the hell is!

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