One thought on “Reports of Homeless Surge Confront Limitations of City Stats

  1. The organizations that actually help provide housing to formerly homeless people are “mandated” to provide regular reports about the people they serve in order to receive funding from government agencies like HUD. That’s fine, BUT what’s horrible is that they’re promoting stigmatizing stereotypes about these people, and the demographics are skewed by the most popular profile in use, which is MICA: Mentally Ill, Chemically Abusing. NOT all homeless people are mentally ill, alcoholic or drug addicts. Some are merely poor. Others have other health issues that DON’T include self-inflicted misery (addictions). And what’s worse is the absolutely pernicious requirement by the professional networking agencies (like to refer to their formerly homeless clients as CHRONICALLY homeless. The reality is that many people are NOT chronically homeless; some have experienced catastrophic events in their lives like messy divorces where the 18B lawyers appointed by the courts did nothing while they were left without spousal support, access to their children, and worse – or medical crises that left them penniless – or losing a job when they’d been living paycheck to paycheck, and they find themselves homeless ONCE when they’ve never been homeless before in their lives.

    The system in place right now that’s supposed to help people is so broken on so many levels it’s obscene.

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