Mapping the City’s 18 Legionnaires’ Disease Sites

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Lincoln Hospital

Jim Henderson

Lincoln Hospital

City officials believe the Bronx Legionnaires’ outbreak is tapering off and can still be traced to five infected sites that have been the focus of disinfection efforts.

The death toll, however, grew on Monday as Mayor de Blasio announced a 12th death. And the city and state health commissioners revealed that testing had found Legionella bacteria at a total of 18 sites, including seven that lay outside the “impact zone” where concern about the deadly illness has been focused.

The full list of sites includes the addresses of two court houses, a homeless intake center, a police precinct and two school facilities.

In a press conference on Monday, the mayor said that no new cases had been diagnosed since August 3. “So as we go through every passing day with no new sicknesses, it’s a very promising sign,” he said. A chart released by the city over the weekend indicated that the number of diagnoses peaked on July 30, the day the city made their disease response public.

Of the 113 cases diagnosed to date, 76 people were hospitalized and released, the mayor said Monday.

Below is a map of the addresses provided by the city and state health departments, which omits three sites identified outside the impact zone whose addresses had not yet been released. Lincoln Hospital, the Opera House Hotel, the Streamline Plastic Co. and the Verizon site on 167th were among the original five sites. So was Concourse Plaza, which does not appear on the list.

“We continue to believe strongly that the outbreak emanated from one or more of the original five sites,” the mayor said.

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