Worksite Video: Vital Signs Look Good for Health Information Field

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A major tool of modern medicine.


A major tool of modern medicine.

If you want to land a job in the Health Information field, you’ll have plenty of resources at your fingertips with the latest report from New York City Labor Market Information Service.

A separate entity within the City University of New York system, NYCLMIS profiles different industries and produces regular, data-centric reports that are presented graphically so that job seekers can easily digest the information. Released in March, Planning Your Career in Health Information explains what is the Health Information field, followed by the types of jobs and their accompanying salaries and the necessary skills to qualify.

To help us understand better the new report, we video interviewed Ronnie Kauder, senior research director at NYCLIMS, who said that there was a lot of confusion around the health information field and that compelled the institution to clarify the exact opportunities.

“The health information field is a couple of different things—it’s Information Technology in health care [employing] web developers, software developers, programmers, help desk staff and network administrators. But [for this report] we focused on the people who actually manage the information that’s generated in the course of providing health care such as people who enters your information into electronic health records, the people who code that information for billing and the people who analyze the information to learn certain trends,” said Kauder.

Kauder also noted that NYCLMIS tracked for the report, because it has a license to a proprietary product called Help Wanted On Line that aggregates job listings on the Internet, the number of top advertised jobs, and the education, certifications and credentials employers were asking for.

“Over the last four years the trend is upward for the health information management field. We profiled it because it’s promising, it’s changing and there’s demand for it. We wanted to help people figure out what they needed to do,” Kauder said.

For job seekers who want to work in healthcare but don’t want to care for or interact with patients, Kauder said the health information management field suits all personality types.

“We looked at who would be happy in this kind of work. There was agreement that you have to be detail-oriented, you have to like information and analyzing things and you have to like computers and not mind being at a computer a fair amount of the day.”

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