6 thoughts on “New York’s Rent-Reg Reforms Must Go Further

  1. I know you are being squeezed by increased rents but how do you expect your landlord to maintain your building? Upgrades and repairs are expensive and those costs have to be passed on to tenants. BTW it’s not your ‘home’, it’s your apartment in what is basically someone else’s home.

    • No one is saying he shouldn’t get the regular RGB increase for any given year, just not a doubling or tripling of the rent like Renaissance is demanding. Fuel costs are way down this year. The upgrades and repairs would be far cheaper if the landlord hadn’t allowed the building to fall into squalor in the first place. And yes, it is her “home.” The landlord has his own home, and Natasha’s building is his place of business.

    • The data from the initial findings of the HVS as well as the PIOC study show that owners are profiting handsomely while incomes fail to keep pace with rising rents and living expenses.

  2. When a lease is renewed, tenants should be informed that they are receiving a preferential rent, and that the Max Legal Rent registered with HCR is higher. It sounds as if she is aware of this difference, but does not like that the landlord has this right.

    A lot of people and entities have rights that I don’t like. That doesn’t mean their rights should go away.

  3. “We built this neighborhood”…. Irrespective of your upbringing, what gives you the moral right to get an apartment, as opposed to an equally deserving person whose parents didn’t have the foresight to move to Crown Heights in the 80s?

    There are tons of deserving people, and it isn’t likely that the most ‘deserving’ of a subsidized deal happen to be the children of the previous incumbents.

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