5 thoughts on “City Council Must Pass Bills to Fight Climate Change

  1. TRNN interviews Janet Redman (Dir. of Climate Policy Program, IPS) to explain why she suggests the U.S. should cut carbon pollution by two to three times as much, and put a number on the table for 2020 when the climate agreement kicks in. View the full interview here: http://bit.ly/1P2GwUO

  2. What the City needs to do is crack down on high rise apartment houses in high income areas and force the owners to make them as energy efficient as possible, including insulation, new windows and individual heating controls for each unit. They should also limit the height of new buildings to reduce the impacts on density. These will never happen because REBNY controls the City Council and the Mayor, so all the NYC liberals crying about this issue are full of crap!

    • Taller buildings leads to a smaller climate impact because there is increased urban density. High density is the reason that NY has such a low carbon impact.

      Naturally this will cause significant rent increase for the liberal hipsters living in these apartment houses.

      Yes! Driving those evil liberals out to the suburbs where they will have to drive to work! We’ll show them!

  3. We need to do something about the infrastructure problem in this city,as well as the country.
    In the past year,we have had two house explosions in New York…one in Harlem,and one
    recently in the East Village.It’s not just a gas problem,it’s the fact that a lot of these buildings in this city are well over 100 years old & are in desperate need of constant repair. And,the
    city needs to start taking this problem,on a larger scale,very seriously.

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