Straight Up, from Brooklyn: Ethnic Media in a Changing City

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Lebrun (l.), Perlata and Murphy discuss the ethnic media--and the term "ethnic media."


What does the Eric Garner case look like to Polish immigrants? How does Mayor de Blasio’s progressive agenda translate into Korean? What’s the Bengali word for “gentrification”?

In the latest episode of Straight Up, the Brooklyn Independent Media reporter roundtable hosted at the stylish yet subdued Emerson Bar in Clinton Hill, I’m joined by El Diario’s Marlene Peralta and Independent Sources’ Zyphus Lebrun in a discussion New York City’s ethnic media: how their role is different from the mainstream media, the challenges they face and how they are evolving.

Watch it below. And be sure to follow Voices of New York to get a sense of what New York’s vibrant ethnic and community press is talking about.

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