5 thoughts on “The Limits of Protection: Can Mayor’s Push Reduce Child Abuse Deaths?

  1. The best way to keep children from being fatally abused is to keep the abuse from starting in the first place. Stop Abuse Campaign is in the process of changing Erie County NY from a county experiencing regular child abuse fatalities to a county that prioritizes, and invests in, prevention. You can learn a little more about it by reading this petition, and if you agree with the idea, sign it https://www.change.org/p/stop-erie-county-s-children-being-abused-and-murdered

  2. I am a NYC advocate from FPA-Foundation-www.fpafoundation.org-The problem is people are not doing their jobs correctly and are targeting poor families. No accountability for ACS and the foster care agencies is the biggest problem. The agencies are bias and racism from family courts against the parents and the way the court appointed attorneys are not helping the parents get their children back but have sided with ACS to put their children up for adoption for federal incentives. The family courts and attorneys are violating parents rights. They continue to violate the rights of children & families. This system is a failed system with fail outcomes for too long. Professional continue to sugar coat the matter because it is blacks & latino being targeted. Most kid in foster care end up homeless or abuse in the same system that is suppose to protect them. We need to dismantle ACS and get a new system or oversite over ACS to take a look at these cases. I have seen too many families being torn apart by a system that claims to protect. Title E funding has corrupted the system. It all about the federal money and not the children & families. Its Racism and greed that keeps the system going off the back of poor families.

    • Hello Ms Mathews, I am a parent an I fall into the category of being a poor family. My children have been wrongfully taken away from me and wrongfully adopted by the court and ACS in Queens, I’m 31 I have 5 children well 6 but 1 don’t know me at all and I am learning disabled with a hearing problem that I was born with. I would like to meet you and talk to you in person maybe you can help me win my children back in my life , I have done all of my services got 8 certificates from doing parenting an anger management been to 4 different shelters and still to no prevail didn’t get back any of my children. The reason why I said that I would like to meet and talk to you face to face is cause I can barely explain to you what has happened to me an my children here in writing as I said im a learning disabled parent and to write it out in explanation is kinda difficult due to uncapable of spelling my words the right way also I don’t want my business out there to everybody. Please inbox me on facebook @ TriniGal Dangerous Trini

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