Photo by: Office of the Mayor

A state judge has ruled that a plan to use parkland for the planned Willets Point redevelopment does not violate state law.

Among other procedural findings, the ruling held that since the development would facilitate trade and commerce, it still served a public purpose.

Opponents of the development say they’ll appeal.

Queens Development Group hailed the decision:

“Today’s decision is a win for Willets Point and all of Queens. The ruling is unequivocal in saying that the project is consistent with state law and rejecting every argument to the contrary. More important, the decision reinforces the support that the City Council and a wide array of community stakeholders have given to this project. It is a significant step forward in the effort to create a new Willets and reverse 100 years of pollution. This $3 billion private investment — the largest investment in Queens’ history – will revitalize an area that has been neglected for far too long, and will include the creation of thousands of jobs and affordable housing.”