Tense Council Race Comes Down to Turnout

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Cohen spokesperson Daniel Johnson managed over 100 volunteers.

Photo by: Kayle Schnell

Cohen spokesperson Daniel Johnson managed over 100 volunteers.

City Council candidates in the 11th district campaigned throughout the Bronx on Primary Day, meeting voters and supporting volunteers with refreshments.

Andrew Cohen, seen as the front runner in this race, had campaign offices in the Ben Franklin Club where spokesperson Daniel Johnson managed over 100 volunteers.

“Part of the strategy has been to look at past races to determine where we think the votes are going to come from,” Johnson said. “We want to make sure we have all the resources in the important places.”

Johnson said with the mayoral race happening he would expect voter turnout to be higher. Approximately 10,000 to 12,000 voters will vote today, he said.

The Cohen campaign has focused all of its resources on voter contact and turning out voters to get to the polls.

“I think he’s the most independent and intellectual and has the biggest grasp on the needs of the community,” Riverdale resident Judy Sonnett said.

Clifford Stanton’s campaign had a truck driving around to polling places in the Bronx.

Stanton followed the van delivering pizza and water to approximately 60 volunteers.

“It’s been an adventure, logistically it’s a challenging thing to pull off when you have to build the organization from scratch,” Stanton said.

Andrew Cohen’s campaign has had support from the Ben Franklin Club but were all independents, Stanton said.

Dr. Rae Alexander-Minter voted for Stanton.

“I’m supporting Stanton because I think there was a vicious campaign to demean him, I think he’s a good guy who will make a difference in the community,” Alexander-Minter said.

“Andrew has all the endorsements that the Ben Franklin club helped him get,” Stanton said. “I’m the one who’s been actually doing things in the community.”

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