Green Partiers in the Bronx Put in Final Push for Votes

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Green Party voters across the Bronx put in their final attempts to secure votes this morning, retiring to their homes after a series of exhaustive campaign efforts across the city’s largest borough.

“I’m hitting the polls and then I’m hitting the bed,” said Carl Lundgren, who leads the party’s Bronx stronghold and is running for State Senator in the 34th District of the borough.

Lundgren and Anthony Gronowicz, the Green Party candidate for U.S. Congress in District 14, were out early this morning in Pelham Parkway distributing the last of their flyers under the two train stop at White Plains Road.

Lundgren said the borough’s group of candidates, who call themselves the Bronx Green Team, was ready to relax after contributing to a recent environmental cleanup effort in Pelham Bay and appearing on a local talk show last night.

The cleanup, headed by Hutchinson River Restoration Project founder Eleanor Rae, had the team hauling tires and treading mud last month as they helped other volunteers clear debris out of the five-mile waterway.

Last night, Lundgren appeared on Bronx Talk, where he spoke with host Gary Axelbank about the party’s platform and issues of importance this election year.

“It was good to have our voice heard,” said Lundgren.

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