Bronx Crime Watch: Williamsbridge Drug Gang Indicted

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A Bronx grand jury indicted 40 supposed drug dealers last week in connection to a massive cocaine-selling scheme in Williamsbridge, according to the Bronx District Attorney's office.

Police had been watching the group for over two years, in an investigation that sounds like something straight out of “The Wire,” complete with undercover drug buys and taped telephone conversations.

The dozens charged stand accused of selling seven kilograms (that's over 15 pounds, or $250,000 worth) of crack cocaine a week, setting up shop along White Plains Road, between 211th and 241st Streets.

Two men believed to be the masterminds behind the enterprise-Sean “Showboy” Nelson, 31, and Jason Weir, 27, both of the Bronx-face the most serious offense of the group and a mandatory life prison sentence if convicted.

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