Friends of Oval Park to Replace Stolen Piano

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After a community piano in Williamsbridge Oval Park was stolen sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning, the local group Friends of Williamsbridge Oval Park decided not to let a little thing like larceny get their neighborhood down. The group is pooling funds to buy a replacement piano on Craiglist and renting a truck to haul it back into the park.

The group just sent out a resilient-sounding e-mail to announce their plan. Here's a portion of it:

“Instead of being helpless victims, our community pulled together to replace what was taken from us. Friends of the Williamsbridge Oval has found another piano on Craigslist, will be pitching in to rent a truck, and investing their time and physical effort to bring the piano back to our park. The Sing-for-Hope piano was painted by an artist, and our neighborhood's kids will be participating by painting our new piano.

This attack on our beloved neighborhood park has only made our community stronger by bringing neighbors together and demonstrating how much our park is appreciated.”

If you want to get involved, find the friends on Facebook.

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