Bronx News Roundup, June 21

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Happy summer solstice! The season will kick off with some rain showers later this afternoon, and temperatures around 80 degrees. Scattered thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow.

Story of the Day: Armory Report Released
The Kingsbridge Armory Task force released a 267-page report today detailing plans for how the long-vacant building should be filled (ideas: a hockey arena, a culinary center and a mega-church). For more on the report, see our previous post here. Feel free to go there and share your thoughts/suggestions in the comments section. For example: what do you think of TV evangelist Creflo Dollar's proposal to take over the building?

Quick Hits:
A New York Times investigation found that lawyers with strong political connections are receiving some of the city's most lucrative receivership positions-posts appointed by the city's housing courts once a building goes into foreclosure (the receiver is charged with overseeing and maintaining the foreclosed building, and in doing so, can collect a portion of the property's revenue in fees). The story mentions that Dominick Calderoni, a law partner of Bronx State Senator Jeffrey D. Klein, was handed six receiverships.

Kim Crawford, the Bronx woman accused of beating her 5-year-old son to death over the weekend because he broke the television set, was charged with murder and manslaughter in Bronx Criminal Court today.

Zola, a former Bronx Zoo gorilla who moved to the Calgary Zoo two years ago, is now a YouTube sensation: a video of him shaking it in his cage, set to music, has amassed some 50,000 hits since it went online Friday.

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