Bronx News Roundup, Thursday, June 2,

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Weather: Blissfully not as hot today in the Bronx with a nice cool breeze.

Story of the Day: New Housing Designed to Battle Bulge
It's no secret that the Bronx has an obesity problem. The latest statistics say one in every four Bronx adults suffers from being extremely overweight. With that in mind, a new cooperative apartment complex in Longwood called the Melody, which was designed to encourage an active, healthy lifestyle, was unveiled to the public yesterday. The $18 million project, with financing provided by the city, state and borough, is meant for families making $90,000 or less. The building incorporates many of the suggestions contained in an Active Design Guidelines report published by the city in 2010. It has a well-lit gym and a backyard, with climbers for kids and exercise equipment for adults. It also has perhaps the coolest stairs (there are two sets

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